Opening Hours and Pricing

Full Member


The full membership fee provides access to all club training sessions in weston and advice with technique, programming and competition preperations. 

Day Rate

£ 4.00

If you are a strength athlete in the area and looking for somewhere to train you are welcome to join for a single session. 

Distance Member


Athletes which live outside of Weston and unable to train with us regularly can join as a distance member. This will provide access to training advice, video analysis and programming advice. In addtion to ofcourse being able to train with the club upto 4 times a month. 

Opening Hours
  1. Mon
    6pm - 9pm
    Usually everyone loves to squat on a monday.
  2. Wed
    6pm - 9pm
    Everyone's favorite bench day
  3. Fri
    6pm - 9pm
    Save the best til last, deadlift
  4. Sat
    10am - 12pm
    This is the preferred day for overhead work and conditioning.

While the opening hours are fixed you are free to train what ever lifts you like on what ever day you like and we have the equipment available for it. 

Synergy Barbell Club is a non profit organisation and all fees, donations ae re-invested back into the club with the aim of growing the club.

Any coaching arrangements are between lifter and coach and the lifter should seek verification of the coaches credentials and insurance. They are not offered as club services.